SMT Previous Work

1. Imposter Syndrome Workshop

  • Description: This is a one-hour workshop for graduate students that educates on dealing with imposter syndrome.

  • Location: MIT Broad Institute June 2019.

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2. Career Presentation

  • Description: This is an 1 hour presentation that details career opportunities.
  • Location: University of Pennsylvania August 2020.
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3. Postdoctoral Cover Letter Sample

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4. Global Entrepreneur Workshop 

As the global science landscape changes, young scientists are becoming increasingly interested in international engagement, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Learning how to leverage technical, academic, and policy experiences is vital to spur innovation at any career stage. An interactive group discussion will explore international scientific engagement and science capacity building at student, postdoctoral, and early-career scientist stages. The session will cover additional approaches towards STEM entrepreneurship in a global setting, and examine methods for evaluating the impact of entrepreneurship in international research communities.

  • Location: 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting.
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